Are There Any Good Detroit Roofing Contractors?

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Are There Any Good Detroit Roofing Contractors?

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Luckily, the simple answer is YES! There are still a handful of good Detroit roofing contractors around. Despite the quick, sloppy roof jobs that many people regretfully pay for nowadays, there are still a few quality roofers in Detroit left.

The general trend of “roofing companies” forming and simply outsourcing work to the lowest bidder has run rampant in the last few years. This type of setup can lead to disasterous results. The company sets up a sales funnel, gets in leads, and sends the job off to the lowballer contractor who then, in turn, rushes through the job in order to be finished by the time the next opportunity rolls along.

Detroit Roofing Pros absolutely does NOT work this way. There are only highly-trained, hand-picked, trusted and experienced workers that we use. Our contractors take great pride in their work, and they do nothing but a top notch job each and every time.

You’ll often find that many roofing companies with leave you with a poorly-done, rushed roofing job, and a huge mess to clean up afterwards. You’ll never get that kind of treatment with our Detroit roofing company. When we leave your house or place of business, you’ll have a beautiful, top-tier, professional job that you can be proud of, and we promise that we’ll never leave a mess behind either.

Want proof? Check out our page on There’s a reason why we’re Gold Members.

We don’t want you to pick us for a single roofing job, we want you to be our customer for life, and we want you to be so proud of our work that you’ll spread the word to others. Let us show you what a quality roofing job really is, and we’ll promise you’ll never go back to the cheap, lackluster, low-bidder roofing contractors ever again!

Better yet, we offer 100% no-obligation FREE ESTIMATES to all of our customers!